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Indulge in handcrafted Cedar

Atlantic white cedar, locally known as "juniper", is found in the acidic swamplands of the eastern coastal area of the United States. The history of harvesting this aromatic and durable wood dates to the pre-colonial era, with the industry experiencing steady growth as more and more uses for this versatile commodity developed. In colonial times, cedar was used for buckets, ship planking and furniture. The largest use of Atlantic white cedar prior to the Civil War was the manufacture of shingles, which were exported from Norfolk, Virginia to overseas ports. Later uses included cabinetry, washing machines, freezers and wood siding, with the invention of the cedar shad boat becoming an innovation for the Dare County, North Carolina fisherman. Atlantic white cedar is a renewable resource and efforts have been made for responsible harvesting, restoration and replanting of white cedar wetlands across the Eastern United States.


Why choose cedar?

Cedar furniture weathers to a beautiful, silver gray patina during the first few months of exposure to sunlight. Although not necessary, the application of a penetrating water repellent will never hurt your furniture.

With reasonable care, your carefully crafted cedar furniture will provide 20 to 25 years of comfort and attractive durability.

The overall tendency of cedar products is to resist checking, splintering, rot and insect infestation.


About finishing:

Cedar furniture requires no finishing unless it is to be exposed to severe winter climates. In that case, we recommend the application of a reputable. penetrating water repellent.

If you choose to use your cedar pieces indoors, shield them from stains and skin oils by applying a protective finish. We suggest multiple applications of a quality polyurethane to enhance the beauty and ensure durability of your cedar furniture.

All Decked Out and craftsman Dale Cashman have been making quality outdoor wood furniture since 1984. While experiencing a steady rise in production, the business has maintained a commitment to quality as its first priority. Dale personally selects all the lumber, which is then fully planed, cut to exact size, and hand sanded to a smooth finish, with beveled and rounded edges. The furniture is assembled with 100 percent brass, hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel hardware. Nails and staples are never used. Your furniture is shipped to you with hardware and easy to follow instructions. The Craftsmen at All Decked Out are certain that you will be completely satisfied, and will enjoy your cedar furniture for many years. We back every piece with a full money back guarantee. For further information, call (252) 995-4319 in Dare County, NC or toll-free 1-800-321-2392.



We at All Decked Out are proud to manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A.